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Repeat medicines

Terms & Conditions

  • Nomination has been explained to me by the staff at this pharmacy.
  • I understand that the EPS is an NHS funded service and the Repeat prescription management and collection service is a separate service run by the pharmacy.
  • I confirm that I have made my nomination of my own free will and have not been influenced or given a gift to select a particular nomination.
  • I give my consent for INTERNET PHARMACY to retain my repeat prescription requests slip and for them to verify items with me prior to re-ordering from my GP surgery (either in person or via electronic transfer).
  • I give my consent for the above pharmacy to re-order my repeat prescription and I will notify them of any changes to my medication.
  • I give my permission for the above pharmacy to hold the information provided on this form.
  • I give permission for this information to be used in an anonymised format for statistical and research purposes.

Repeat medicines management consent form




50 Manchester Rd, Heywood

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About Us

Formerly known as Hopwood Pharamacy, we acquired this branch in 2001, re-fitting it and almost re-building it a number of years later. It is located adjacent to the Hopwood surgery.

For your convenience you can access the pharmacy from the front or from the rear.

The easiest way to order your prescriptions
Download the “My Local Pharmacy” app

Using the “My Local Pharmacy” app you will be able to connect directly to our pharmacy and your medical records to select exactly what you need when you need it, avoiding over ordering or errors on your prescription. 

Once you download the app you will be prompted to enter a pharmacy ID code which links your mobile to our pharmacy so that your repeat prescription request come directly to us.

Our pharmacy ID

Electronic Prescriptions icon

Electronic Prescriptions

Internet Pharmacy Ltd has the ability to receive your prescriptions from your GP electronically. To save yourself time collecting your prescriptions, please complete the attached form and we will register your details. Then all you have to do is order your prescriptions and collect from us 48 hours later.

Electronic Prescriptions
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Medical advice icon

Medical advice

Please contact the NHS choices webste at www.NHS.uk, or contact our pharmacist by completing the attached enquiry form.

Medical advice
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Medicines Manager icon

Medicines Manager

We are now able to order your repeat prescriptions on your behalf from a number of local GP Surgeries. We utilise new pharmacy computer software, that locally is only available from Internet Pharmacy Ltd

Medicines Manager
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Minor Ailments icon

Minor Ailments

Our trained staff offer remedies for a number of medical conditions without the need to visit your doctor. Please contact us for the range of conditions that we can assist you with.

Minor Ailments
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Smoking Cessation icon

Smoking Cessation

We have trained smoking cessation advisers in the branch, who can give you advice and provide you with nicotine replacement products where required.

Smoking Cessation
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Weight Loss Service icon

Weight Loss Service

We can provide a weight loss service utilising the Lipotrim nutrient- complete formula food. For product information please go to lipotrim.co.uk.

Weight Loss Service
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Monday to Friday: 9:00am to 6:00pm
Saturday & Sunday: Close

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